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Skypine got perfect ending from AAITF spring show and continues the wonderful

From: PubDate:2016-03-17

    The 12th international exhibition on car modification services (AAITF) is held in Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention center on 26-28th February 2016. Skypine took part in the exhibition with its series of products and attracted thousands of potential customers 

    In this exhibition, the Skypine booth’s gorgeous calm design style, brief but perfect detail structure, which is exactly match with the Skypine’s character positioning –the industry leader.

    Skypine booth is located in the central of exhibition hall 1, attracted thousands of dealer at the beginning of the first day. During the exhibition, Skypine shows the android big screen series models for CNE – 6654-AND/CNE - 6654 - AND, Honda vehicles dedicated CNE-6878-HAC(2QJ)/CNE-6993-HAC(2VC),which are all the world trend android smartphone products. Big screen android machine series as the show focus, aims to deliver our Skypine special style to all the dealer.

    Exhibition site, our staff were warmly welcome and dealing with the consultation patiently. There are also many dealers go to visit Skypine factory further.

    Skypine as the industry's leading brands, space quality has been acclaimed over the years. This show is not only the quality accumulation of so many years, but also the perfect embodiment of strength. This spring fair in Shenzhen, traced out a better car life for owners. The exhibition had ended, but continues the wonderful. In the future, Skypine will bring more perfect and ideal car life for the owners!