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Nan Chang Order placing meeting for Skypine New Car Navigation

From: PubDate:2012-02-21


On Feb20,2012, Skypine convened Spring order placing meeting on new products together with Jiangxi Autoboom, over 300 distributors of Jiangxi Automotive supplies industry had attended.

In the  conference hall, Xiaobin,Feng, the vice president of Skypine, introduced the Electronic marketing strategy of Skypine in 2012. As the famous manufacturer of Car Navi in China, Skypine carry out the policy of “Worry free” on products, Capital, Sales, Stock and customer service, which is considering the benefit of distributors and terminal users. The service policy of “Free maintenance, One year guaranteed exchange ” is the first case in the area of China Car Navi industry, which frees the distributor’s mind of apprehensions. The service policy is based on the perfect Quality guarantee system and High quality performance on the overseas market and before market..

This order placing meeting is the first station of Skypine on new models in 2012, the new models carry the many car Navi host functions, Multimedia, Portable Bluetooth, Intelligent radio, Bidirectional communication , Revers detection ,Digital TV etc. All the distributor are highly confident with the new models on future market after the operation.

The order placing meeting on new products will be launched in Hubei, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong during Feb & Mar.